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The Oregonian Review Posted 23 Jul 2013

"In a band full of stars, backing vocalists the Webb Sisters and Robinson were a particularly celestial choir — with the sisters reducing many to tears with their encore performance of 'If It Be Your Will'" - Sarah Rodman, Boston Globe

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The Oregonian Review Posted 14 Nov 2012

"If I'm reincarnated as a woman, I want to be a Webb Sister." - Jeff Baker, The Oregonian

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The Independent Feature Posted 18 Sep 2012

Business Week Review Posted 18 Sep 2012

"The Webb Sisters and Sharon Robinson provide luminous backing, careful arrangements making full use of each singer's tone."

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The Telegraph Review Posted 18 Sep 2012

"It began with a delicate Dance Me to the End of Love and a pulsating The Future. Everybody Knows was warmed by the harmonising of backing singers Sharon Robinson and the Webb Sisters."

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The Independent Review Posted 18 Sep 2012

"[J]ust subtle things like Cohen's tilting-back of his hat to expose his face as he sings "I'll wear an old man's mask for you" in "I'm Your Man", or more startlingly, the Webb Sisters suddenly turning a single cartwheel for the "white girls dancing" phrase in "The Future"."

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The Evening Standard Review Posted 18 Sep 2012

"It helped that he was surrounded by superb musicians, including The Webb Sisters from Kent. The siblings supplied sunny harmonies, harp and cartwheels; Cohen doffed his fedora in gratitude."

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Kent Online Feature Posted 14 Feb 2012

"Demure, softly spoken and with a tendency to leave long pauses before they speak, this timid pair appear lost in the music world – until they start to sing. Their sweet harmonies caught the attention of Leonard Cohen four years ago, who wasted no time in bundling the Sevenoaks-born siblings on to a plane to join him on his world tour."

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Tingewick Gig Review Posted 14 Feb 2012

"So with just, harp, guitar, mandolin and the most exquisite vocal you could wish to hear, Hattie and Charley played majority of the songs from their current CD Savages as well as some form their previous albums."

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Kent Gig Review Posted 21 Dec 2011

"Hattie - on mandolin and harp - and Charley - on guitar - ended a riveting 90-minute session with two song from the aisle, their faces illuminated only by a tiny candle flame. It was brave, delightful and special. "

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The Observer Highlight Posted 9 Dec 2011

The Webb Sisters' are Twiggy's musical highlight in The Observer.

See the feature here.

Guardian Feature Posted 29 Nov 2011

The Guardian newspaper has included The Webb Sisters in their "This Week's Highlights" section for their Union Chapel show.

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Scotsman.com Review Posted 29 Nov 2011

"...and English duo the Webb Sisters, whose exquisite vocal harmonies attained a truly exultant radiance."

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RockKent.com Review Posted 18 Aug 2011

"Hattie Webb's softer voice is beautifully balanced by the richer tones of sister Charlie's. The sisters sing with the sort of seductive close harmony that usually sends sailors to their doom. The overwhelming theme is one of gentleness, of soothing tranquillity. But that doesn't mean the sisters can't be impassioned or even rock out when they need to – as is evidenced in their performance of "Savages" where Hattie wields her harp with all the attitude of a heavy rocker pounding his axe."

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LA Weekly Feature Posted 27 Jun 2011

"Many women we know would do unspeakable things to compel Leonard Cohen to call them "sublime" just once. Between 2008 and 2010, Charley and Hattie Webb were given that rare compliment 246 times. "The sublime Webb Sisters" was how the Canadian bard would introduce onstage the relatively unknown English folk vocalists he had personally selected to back him on his comeback tour."

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Maverick Magazine Review Posted 10 Jun 2011

"Dynamic performers, multi-instrumentalists and talented singers, the sisters' third album SAVAGES is a wonderful contemporary mix that is thrilling from start to finish."

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Scotsman.com Review Posted 3 Jun 2011

"The Webbs' central strength is the minutely nuanced care they take with their voices' shifting alignment, variously trading lines, echoing and overlapping one another as well as simply singing together. Even within their most hushed, fragile numbers, skilfully modulated dynamics imbued their sound with depth and vitality."

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Alt Sounds Interview Posted 15 May 2011

"Favourite current band: Alison Krauss & Union Station / The Swell Season. My favourite drink has to be: Whisky (and even better if with fiery ginger beer)."

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Uncut Review Posted 29 Apr 2011

"You must be doing something right when Leonard Cohen comes calling. That's just what happened to The Webb Sisters, aka Kent-born siblings Charley and Hattie, now resident in LA, when Cohen hand-picked them for his backing singers..."

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Q Magazine Review Posted 29 Apr 2011

"...the Florence And The Machine-y title track thunders along heroically; Baroque Thoughts is both thoughtful and baroque, while closing vignette The Goodnight Song is the sweetest of lullabies."

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Oregon Live Interview Posted 9 Dec 2010

"Growing up, our dad had music on a lot of the time, on car journeys and around the house," said Hattie and Charley Webb, who sing in Cohen's band, in an e-mail. "From Joni Mitchell, Simon and Garfunkel, the Beatles, Buddy Rich ... and he also played Leonard Cohen. As we got older and with more life experience, we felt we related more and more to the impact of Leonard's music, the lilt of Leonard's guitar and voice and the conviction of his lyrics."

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Globe and Mail Review Posted 9 Dec 2010

Excellent back-up singers: Sharon Robinson...and sisters Charley and Hattie Webb. Cohen repeatedly acknowledged their work with a tip of his fedora.

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Windsor Star Review Posted 9 Dec 2010

His voice was backstopped by three breathtaking, suit-clad female singers including...hip-shifting Webb sisters, who crooned as if from another sacred sphere.

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Perth Now Review Posted 9 Dec 2010

The vocal harmonies of sisters Charley and Hattie Webb were simply divine and the pair were spectacular on the exquisite "If It Be Your Will".

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Marshall Town Review Posted 9 Dec 2010

Harmonised beautifully by his three female back-up singers, the Webb sisters and his long time collaborator and friend Sharon Robinson.

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Yahoo Xtra Entertainment Review Posted 11 Nov 2010

During the course of the evening Cohen constantly reveres his band, especially his chief collaborator and soul seamstress, Sharon Robinson and the Webb Sisters providing a silk lining to his dry bark.

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Courier Mail Review Posted 11 Nov 2010

As does every note and nuance from this superb band. This is the kind of performance where everything counts, from the deeply passionate guitar contributions of Spanish virtuoso Javier Mas to the trills of sighs of Neil Larsen's Hammond organ and the delicious voices, not to mention the backflips, from the Webb Sisters.

Check out the full review at the CourierMail.com.au.

Independent.ie Interview Posted 24 Jul 2010

In the O2, Charley and Hattie got a big cheer when they surprised us all with a synchronised backwards head stand mid-song. How did that come about? "We all have a great time in rehearsals," says Charley.

Check out the full story and interview at the Independent.ie.

Ruefrontenac Review (en Français) Posted 4 Apr 2010

Le droit à l'erreur. Tout artiste digne de ce nom y a droit. Entente tacite entre créateurs et public, voilà tout. Mais samedi soir, il s'agissait d'un luxe que les sœurs Charley et Hattie Webb n'avaient tout simplement pas. Et elles n'en ont pas eu besoin une seconde.

Check out the full story at the Ruefrontenac.com.

Montreal Gazette Review Posted 3 Apr 2010

There's a reason Leonard Cohen, for whom Charley and Hattie Webb sing backup, refers to them as "the sublime Webb Sisters." Instant converts cheered and whistled for their spine-tingling, deadly-precise harmonies, which took flight during opener 1,000 Stars and landed only after the final encore, a wonderfully-chosen a cappella version of Heart Like a Wheel.

Check out the full story at the MontrealGazette.com.

7Jours Interview (en Français) Posted 2 Apr 2010

Éthérées et harmonieuses, les sœurs Webb, Charley et Hattie, charment le public partout où elles posent les pieds.

Check out the full story at the 7Jours.ca.

Voir Magazine Interview (en Français) Posted 1 Apr 2010

Charley et Hattie Webb sont depuis quelques années liées avec Montréal. Les soeurs jumelles, nées à Kent en Angleterre, ont eu droit à une immersion en règle alors qu'elles ont croisé deux artistes de renom issus de la métropole, et qui ont contribué à leur carrière.

Check out the full story at the Voir.ca.

Montreal Gazette Interview Posted 1 Apr 2010

But for all the playful horsing around, the sisters are dead serious about their music. It has been that way since they sang in choirs in their teens and into their 20s or performed as kids in community fundraisers.

Check out the full story at the MontrealGazette.com.

The Surburban Interview Posted 1 Apr 2010

He hadn't been on tour for 14-15 years and I think it was a total unknown for everybody. After the first month we did in the eastern part of Canada, there was a realization and a confirmation that A, he was enjoying it and that B, people wanted to come.

Check out the full story at the TheSuburbanNews.ca.

Ottawa Sun Interview Posted 31 Mar 2010

The stunning sisters appear to be fast-tracking their way to becoming stars of their own with their first extended North American tour and the release of their latest EP The Other Side. They're also building a little buzz for their forthcoming debut album, produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Peter Asher, before they rejoin the [Leonard] Cohen tour again in September.

Check out the full story at the OttawaSun.com.

Ruefrontenac Interview (en Français) Posted 26 Mar 2010

Leur nom ne vous dit peut-être rien, mais des milliers d'entre vous les ont applaudies aux côtés de Leonard Cohen à l'été 2008. On les désigne comme les sœurs Webb et vous aurez l'occasion de revoir celles que Cohen désigne comme étant ses « anges chantants » le 3 avril prochain, au Club Soda.

Check out the full story at the Ruefrontenac.com.

LA Times Rufus Wainwright Review Posted 12 Jan 2010

The L.A. Times music blog recently reviewed the Rufus Wainwright Long Beach, CA concert which Charley and Hattie opened giving "[...] a gracious nod to the opening duo the Webb Sisters, who re-created the rich backup harmonies they plied Cohen with on his recent tour."

Check out the full review at the L.A. Times 'Pop & Hiss' site.

What's Hot in 2010?? Posted 05 Jan 2010

According to the NY Post, The Webb Sisters are one of six promising acts ready to burst out in 2010! Though their yet-to-be-titled full length album is slated for release this spring, the Post raves about their 4 song "The Other Side" EP which you can buy on iTunes.

To check out the article and see the other artists poised to breakthrough in 2010, click here.

Metro Active Review
Posted 17 Nov 2009

Sharon Robinson [...] joins the Webb Sisters - Charley and Hattie - in providing a trilateral force of ethereal backup harmonies. Even if they exist partly to compensate for Cohen's voice, the "angels" - as he always refers to them onstage - are essential components of any Cohen performance. When Hattie Webb breaks out the harp for Cohen's legendary prayer song "If It Be Your Will," it only gets more angelic. The entire venue turns into a cabaret chapel of the sublime.

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Las Vegas Sun Review
Posted 17 Nov 2009

Special praise to backup singer and collaborator Sharon Robinson, who sang a riveting solo rendition of "Boogie Street," and the Webb sisters, Charley and Hattie, who dueted on "If It Be Your Will," complete with harp.

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Ink.com Kansas City Review
Posted 17 Nov 2009

The three singers to his right weren't exactly background singers; they were front and center and they carried equal weight for many songs. He gave them their own solomoments: Sharon Robinson on "Boogie Street," which gave the song an Everything But the Girl vibe; and the Webb Sisters on "If It Be Your Will."

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Red Room Reivew
Posted 10 Nov 2009

With top musicians, collaborator Sharon Robinson and the terrific Webb sisters for backup, Cohen promised to give it all he had, and certainly did, and with his tra-la way of skipping off stage, Cohen was pure delight.

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Cleveland Live Reivew
Posted 10 Nov 2009

Sublime vocal harmonies were provided by longtime Cohen collaborator Sharon Robinson and the Webb Sisters, Charley and Hattie, whose angelic take on "If It Be Your Will" was a knockout.

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Birmingham Weekly Reivew
Posted 31 Oct 2009

The stage was anchored left and right by yin and yang; Javier Mas and Dino Soldo on libidinous stringed instruments and woodwinds, the Webb Sisters, Hattie and Charlie on ethereal harmonies.

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Cleveland.com Reivew
Posted 27 Oct 2009

Sublime vocal harmonies were provided by longtime Cohen collaborator Sharon Robinson and the Webb Sisters, Charley and Hattie, whose angelic take on "If It Be Your Will" was a knockout.

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Creative Loafing Tampa Bay Review
Posted 26 Oct 2009

[T]he Webb sisters doing a dulcet-toned duet with harp and acoustic guitar that was so pure and sweet it hurt my heart. My friend described them as "pixies from a music box" afterwards [sic] and he was dead on.

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Saporta Report Atlanta Review
Posted 22 Oct 2009

The other two singers - the "sublime" Webb sisters who actually did cartwheels on stage - sang one of the most beautiful songs of the night: "If It Be Your Will."

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Belfast Telegraph Review
Posted 27 Jul 2009

With a perfect band a special mention must go to the backing trio of Cohen collaborator and lover Sharon Robinson and sisters Hattie and Charley Webb.

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Ottawa Citizen Review
Posted 1 Jun 2009

His long-time collaborator Sharon Robinson and the Webb Sisters are his singing "angels" - his word - on this tour, his first in this neck of the woods for almost 20 years.

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Boston Herald Review
Posted 1 Jun 2009

Longtime Cohen collaborator Sharon Robinson was both earthy and haunting on vocals, and the Webb Sisters wove a spell-like charm on "If It Be Your Will."

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Intent.com Boston Review
Posted 31 May 2009

Significantly he turned ["If It Be Your Will"] over to the Webb Sisters, whose astonishing, delicate, clear harmonies were so beauteous, and in some ways so opposite to Leonard's gravel pit growl of a rumbling bass. [...] I don't know if there was a dry eye in the house, and it was a full house, believe me.

Read the full review...

London Free Press Canada Review
Posted 25 May 2009

The "gymnastic" Webb sisters, Charley and Hattie, sang beautifully and pulled off a remarkable flip during "Ain't No Cure".

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Philadelphia Inquirer Review
Posted 19 May 2009

This time around, Cohen was backed by a superb 10-piece band whose standouts included Spanish bandurria player Javier Mas, keyboardist Neil Larsen, and a chorus consisting of Cohen's cowriter Sharon Robinson and sisters Charley and Hattie Webb.

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MK Magazine Chicago Review
Posted 12 May 2009

I feel it is my duty to point out two of the band parts that impressed me the most, and that's really saying something as the whole band were collectively impressive. The Webb Sisters (www.thewebbsisters.com) who were 2 parts of the trio of back-up vocalists rounded out by Sharon Robinson are simply breathtaking performers. Not only in their musicianship, vocal abilities and beauty, but in gymnastics. Yes, I said, gymnastics. In the opening number they removed their jackets in unison, placed them on the mic stands and did a backwards cartwheel, and returned to their respected spots with style and grace, and in synch, put their jackets on together.

Read the full review...

Chicago Tribune Review
Posted 11 May 2009

[...] Cohen's deadpan baritone suited the material perfectly, and singers Charley and Hattie Webb followed suit with a beautifully unadorned reading of "If it be Your Will."

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Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune Review
Posted 04 May 2009

[...] And the Webb Sisters, Hattie and Charley, did some lovely Irish vocalizing on the prayer-like "If It Be Your Will" and eye-popping cartwheels during "The Future," following Cohen's own little soft shoe routine.

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Seattle Times Review
Posted 27 Apr 2009

[...] And the celestial harmonies of British sisters Charley and Hattie Webb, and vocal interplay of Sharon Robinson (co-composer of "Everybody Knows" and other Cohen odes), were integral to the mix.

Read the full review...

Calgary Sun Review
Posted 27 Apr 2009

Cohen's voice was perfectly complemented by the dulcet tones of his three backing singers -- sisters Charley and Hattie Webb and his longtime collaborator Sharon Robinson. Cohen graciously thanked and introduced the singers and his six musicians, and they returned the favour by supplying a polished backing to the Montreal native's fascinating poetic narrative.

Read the full review...

San Francisco Gate Review
Posted 20 Apr 2009

[...] Cohen watching intently, hat in hand - and [Sharon Robinson] was more than capably flanked in the female background choir by vocalists Hattie and Charley Webb, two charming young British ladies who count gymnastics among their performing skills.

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The Huffington Post Review
Posted 13 Apr 2009

The Webb Sisters provided choral richness and gave an exquisite rendition of one of Cohen's best tunes, "If It Be Your Will." (Usually it's a disappointment when backup singers do the star's material. Not in this case.)

Read the full review...

L.A. Times Review
Posted 13 Apr 2009

The Webb Sisters also performed a version of the psalm-like "If It Be Your Will" that truly conjured seraphim.

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"Perfection on stage" in Phoenix!
Posted 7 Apr 2009

[Cohen] returned to with only Hattie and Charley Webb and Neil Larson. The four did a moving rendition of "If It Be Your Will" started off by Cohen reciting the lyrics flowed by The Webb Sisters signing the song to Harp, acoustic guitar and Larson's piano before the full band returned to do four more numbers.

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comes in twos EP Aime Street Album Review
Posted 19 Mar 2009

Combining elements from some of their greatest influences -- the soft lyrics of James Taylor, the plunky alt-country strums of Jeff Buckley and soothing, emotional vocals of Imogean Heap -- Comes in Twos is a delicately constructed folk-pop wonder.

Read the full review...
Purchase the EP on Aime St...
Purchase the EP on iTunes...

SXSW 2009 The Trip Wire Review
Posted 19 Mar 2009

Currently touring with Leonard Cohen...yeah that's probably saying enough. But the Webb Sisters have plenty of other things going for them as well, namely luscious voices, lyrical and musical depth and a modern chamber music aura that is at once spooky and calming. And yes they are very attractive.

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SXSW 2009 British Embassy Gig Review
Posted 19 Mar 2009

Last night, the British Music Embassy had their private party to launch British acts at SXSW in Austin and the Webb Sister were a real surprise. The sisters play unusual instruments, such as the harp, but have played to some impressive faces in the audience. They have twice played for Princess Anne and once for the Queen [...]

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Knox Road SXSW 2009 Preview Review
Posted 04 Mar 2009

These sisters from the UK play their strings (HARP, guitar, mandolin) with heart and incorporate emotive vocals with elegant harmonies.

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Globe and Mail New York Review
Posted 21 Feb 2009

[...] When he defers to the individual members of his band - the enchanting duo known as the Webb Sisters performs a strangely uplifting If It Be Your Will - Cohen remains on stage and listens attentively, paying homage to their talent with a fedora held over his heart, even as he stays in the shadows.

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New York Times Review
Posted 20 Feb 2009

[...] The Webb Sisters had their own moment, claiming "If It Be Your Will" as an ethereal Celtic ballad, with Hattie Webb on harp and Charley Webb on acoustic guitar. (This week they released an EP on StratArt, "Comes in Twos," which contains that arrangement.)

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Newsday.com New York Review
Posted 20 Feb 2009

[...] At the end of "Tower of Song," Leonard Cohen looks at his outstanding backing singers � Sharon Robinson and The Webb Sisters � and deadpans, "Don�t stop. Please, don�t stop."

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Style.com New York Review
Posted 20 Feb 2009

[...] He frequently tipped his fedora toward his band mates after particularly spectacular turns. (Targets included Spanish guitar player Javier Mas, singer-songwriter Sharon Robinson, and the lovely Webb Sisters, who even turned cartwheels during the opener, "Dance Me to the End of Love.")

Read the full review...

Sandalford Winery Review
Posted 12 Feb 2009

[...] And yes, the female singers are vital instruments in any Cohen equation. There was a moment with his song, "If It Be Your Will," that was spellbinding. Cohen recited one or two verses, then the Webb Sisters began to sing, accompanying themselves on acoustic guitar and harp. I dont know to this moment where they took that work, but 5,000 hushed people moved not a muscle while this extraordinary performance took place.

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The Australian Review
Posted 25 Jan 2009

[...] The rich harmonies of Sharon Robinson and sisters Patti and Charley Webb added another layer of musical quality.

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New Zealand Hearld Review
Posted 23 January 2009

[...] a magic moment by backing singers the Webb sisters who, after Cohen's spoken early verses, took If it Be Your Will somewhere celestial with their intertwined voices, guitar and harp.

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New Zealand Dominion Post Review
Posted 21 Jan 2009

[...] A Thousand Kisses Deep is stunning as poetic recital; the bard still possesses beguiling grace. And then it is to Take This Waltz, band introductions and a series of encores including So Long Marianne, First We Take Manhattan, If It Be Your Will (Cohen recites the first verse and then his version of Kate and Anna McGarrigle, the Webb sisters, deliver the body of the tune) Famous Blue Raincoat and Democracy. If you were at the concert and didn't like it then you had your information wrong.

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Sydney Morning Herald Review
Posted 22 November 2008

[...] Auditory joy and angelic harmonies of the English Webb Sisters, Charley & Hattie.

Manchester Evening News Review
Posted 18 June 2008

[...] I don't mind admitting that I was close to blubbing when Cohen delivered a spoken-word version of A Thousand Kisses Deep and the version of If It Be Your Will, sung by two of his backing vocalists the Webb sisters, was simply astonishing in a night full of wonderful surprises.

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Manchester Music Review
Posted 17 June 2008

[...] With gorgeous backing vocals from Sharon Robinson and The Webb Sisters, the very talented musicians give Cohen's songs the perfect accompaniment.

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The Observer Review
Posted 22 June 2008

[...] singers Charley and Hattie Webb, guitarist Bob Metzger, drummer Rafael Gayol, Javier Mas on an assortment of stringed things, saxophonist and woodwinder Dino Soldo - look like they are playing a supper jazz gig in deepest Sicily.

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The Independent on Sunday Review
Posted 22 June 2008

[...] "After years of searching through the mysteries," he says, while his backing singers The Webb Sisters keep the beat, "I've finally found the key: it's 'doo-dum-dum'..."

Read the full review...

The Telegram Review
Posted 27 May 2008

[...] The bands three back-up vocalists SR and sisters Charley & Hattie webbearned significant recognition for their refined harmonies. The concert in it's entirety was flawless, and the vocal performances of Robinson and The Webb Sisters, and those of each of the musicians, coupled with Cohen's enthusiastic integrity, made for an evening that those in attendance likely won't forget!

The Spec.com Review (Hamilton, Canada)
Posted 4 June 2008

[...] Sure he had a remarkable band backing him,six masterful musicians,and three wonderful female singers (including the sisters Charley & Hattie Webb, who he repeatedly referred to as "sublime" as he glanced towards them, perhaps a little too lasciviously.