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Helsinki, Finland - Aug 10th 2010


Stockholm from the sky


Stockholm, Sweden - August 8th 2010

The Globe


Oslo, Norway - August 6th 2010


Sligo, Ireland - 31st July, 1st August 2010

We were all really looking forward to being back in Ireland and after the last two visits, we were geared up for the sing alongs and the surging dancing audience.  The crowds did not disappoint.

Lissadell House was a stunning and grand place with beautiful vistas over grassy gardens and an expansive, misty beach.

The production team and backline crew did everything they could to keep us warm on stage with the evening breeze a blowin.  A few raindrops too.  We had heaters and marveled at the stoicism of thousands in front huddled in the rain.

We were all sorry to leave these shores.

(click on some of the pictures to see them better if they’re squashed - we couldn’t get them all to line up)


Journey to Sligo, Ireland - July 29th 2010

It’s a plane and a bus ride away to Sligo.

Everyone is pretty quiet on the plane.  It’s egg and tuna sandwiches and a few chicken salads for lunch.

Roll on the seaside, we arrive in the afternoon, the crew arrive late evening.


Graz, Austria - 28th July 2010

3rd Show and this was the second of two in a row which is tonnes of work for all the crew who travel by bus overnight to the new venue and set up the entire stage without much sleep.

We filmed some pieces for a movie that Lorca Cohen is making so we were all dressed and ready for the gig quite early.

Another amazing audience and everyone was in great spirits.  Leaving for Sligo, Ireland tomorrow morning


Salzburg, Austria - 27th July 2010

2nd Gig of this tour.  We are all dumb struck by the beauty and history of this City.

We have a drinks gathering tonight and a chance a chat all together.  The crew and band travel separately so it’s a chance to talk together and not only about the concert.  We have people from all around the world working on this gig and some of the crew have been doing this job for a long time, supporting other bands and their shows.  Everyone has families that they are leaving behind to do this.

Some relatives are visiting, it’s great to see the familial similarities!

We went out to experience the sights, sites, sounds, smells and tastes of Salzburg. Here are a few if the pics.  A highlight was going into Salzburg Cathedral, through the door of love.

Born in Chains……………….


Zagreb, Croatia - Sunday July 25th 2010

The tour begins again.  Another journey together.  We have been looking forward to singing Leonard’s beautiful songs and enjoying the music along with all of you.

Here are a few photos from our experience in Zagreb, and the first concert of this new tour.


Nantes, France Monday 6th July

Zenith Arena

Dinner tonight was coconut and sweet potato soup, then ratatoui or seafood tagine and a ridiculous mars bar cheesecake to finish.  The backstage was very light and airy and most things went smoothly so everyone seemed happy.  The smoothie machine (in the green room) didn’t want to behave though which I experienced after Leonard’s daily protein shake when I made a chocolate energy boost with some Cacao powder and most of it painted the table.  Luckily Roscoe’s son Charlie was on hand so he, Lisa and I did some investigating and thought we had fixed it……


The next gig when Leonard went to make his smoothie again and the whole things blew up!  Happily L’s suit did not get a direct hit.

The day after the Nantes gig we left in the middle of a torrential rain storm and we had all made a run for it to the bus but the rain just became too strong.  Several of us took shelter under the awning of a local cafe and some hid in a bus shelter till it was over - we thought it only rained like that in California!